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There will always be inequalities in society, but the magnitude of their effects on health is within our control. Why not make things better?
- Sir Michael Marmot

Robyn L. Gobin, PhD, Assistant Professor

Robyn L. Gobin
Robyn L. Gobin, PhD.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Robyn L. Gobin (PhD., Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon) teaches CHLH 200: Mental Health in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health.

Dr. Gobin's research examines the impact of interpersonal trauma exposure (e.g., childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical assault, intimate partner violence) on mental health and well-being in vulnerable populations such as women and military Veterans. She is particularly interested in improving post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment outcomes and understanding how African American culture impacts the way individuals experience, cope with, and recover from post traumatic distress. Newer interests include testing the efficacy of alternative and complimentary treatments for traumatized populations and reducing barriers and stigma around mental health treatment seeking.