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There will always be inequalities in society, but the magnitude of their effects on health is within our control. Why not make things better?
- Sir Michael Marmot

Andiara Schwingel, PhD, Associate Professor

Andiara Schwingel
Andiara Schwingel, PhD.
Associate Professor

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Research Lab:

Aging and Diversity Lab (ADL)


Ph.D., Sports Medicine, University of Tsukuba, Japan; 2007

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Schwingel's professional interests include aging and life course, public health, lifestyle, and well-being of immigrants and ethnic minorities. Her research focuses on how cultural, national, and international factors impact the process of growing older around the world. Dr. Schwingel's research has also examined the impact of transnational migration on a wide variety of health and quality of life outcomes.

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