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Victory over disease and disability has become an understandably popular and realistic goal.
– Harold Varmus, M.D. Director National Cancer Institute, Nobel Prize Laureate

Concentration & Electives

Concentration and elective courses are offered within our department (CHLH) and also outside the department across the university.

Below is an explanation of the difference between Concentration courses and Elective courses.

Health Behavior and Promotion Concentration

To gain expertise in a specific discipline of Public Health, all students take four courses relating to Health Behavior and Promotion (HBP).

Three HBP Concentration courses are required, and students choose the fourth class from a list of courses that meet the HBP criteria. Students may select their fourth class from outside the department. All courses are worth 4 credit hours.

Required HBP Concentration Courses

Department Course # Title CHLH 575 Chronic Disease Prevention CHLH 577 Health Program Evaluation CHLH 579 Cultural Competence in Public Health

CHLH 575: Chronic Disease Prevention
Advanced course in population-based approaches to chronic disease prevention, with emphasis on policy and environmental strategies affecting lifestyle risk factors. Provides an understanding of common diseases, screen tests, community assessment, systematic evidence reviews, and evidence-based community interventions.

CHLH 577: Health Program Evaluation
Use of research methods and theory for evaluation of initiatives and programs in public health and medical care. Emphasis on acquiring skills in evaluation and conducting evaluations whose results have impact on public health practice.

CHLH 579: Cultural Competence in Public Health
Cultural competence education increases public health professionals’ cultural awareness, knowledge of self and others, communication skills, attitudes, and behaviors. Demonstrates theoretical models in public health and explores community-based programs as it relates to cultural competence and health promotion.

Examples of options for the 4th HBP Course are included below. This is not a complete list, and courses change annually. Current students should consult the MPH program coordinator to select a relevant course during the registration process.

Department Course # Title CHLH 465 Social Marketing CHLH 501 Issues in Health Education CHLH 594* Health Disparities LA 570 Landscapes and Human Health

* 594 course numbers scheduled to change, course titles and content will remain the same.


After students have determined their 4th HBP Concentration course, they may select any of the other classes listed above to take as an elective.

MPH students may choose to take a graduate level course in CHLH or another university department to fulfill their elective. We encourage students to investigate the wide variety of courses offered throughout the university that cover topics important for public health.

Examples of possible elective courses include, but are not limited to, those listed below. MPH students will confer with their advisor for other possible elective courses that will fulfil the requirement.

Department Course # Title BADM 508 Leadership and Teams CHLH 415 International Health ECON 482 Health Economics FSHN 428 Community Nutrition GEOG 438 Geography of Health Care HIST 475 U.S. Public Health and Health Policy LAW 620 Health Law Policy LLS 479 Race, Medicine and Society SOC 596 Sociology of Health and Illness UP 474 Neighborhood Revitalization