Professional Development


Professional development is integrated throughout the Illinois MPH experience. Through guest speakers in courses, special events, field trips, conference travel, and events with alumni, students have many opportunities to engage with the public health community. This ability to begin networking while in school allows students to get a head start on finding internships and volunteer roles, exploring APE and ILE sites, and having connections to use in the job search process.

  • Events & Guest Speakers: The MPH program and the wider University of Illinois campus host many events of interest to MPH students throughout the year. The events provide opportunities to learn from leading researchers and practitioners while connecting with future employers and collaborators. The MPH weekly email newsletter lets students know about the wide variety of events on campus and in the community. Some examples of a few events on campus:
  • Field Trips: Through the Public Health Professionalism course, students participate in field trips to get an in-person view of public health practice. These trips provide students with opportunities to see what careers in public health look like, talk with practitioners about successes and challenges in the field, develop ideas for their APE and ILE, and network with future employers.
  • Travel Grants: Each MPH student receives a $500 travel grant each year to facilitate participation in public health conferences. The grants are designed to ensure that each student has the opportunity to participate in learning and networking at the state or national level. Each student can choose the conference(s) that best fit his/her interests.